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Game fishing India - NEWS

News from India and Sirilanka
"Director's Note
The last month of October has been a busy month for us at Gamefishing India. After finishing off the previous months maintenance work we got busy with taking people out fishing which is what we do best. We had our first clients in who thankfully arrived after a couple of cyclones that wreaked havoc along the coast of mainland India. Thankfully for us most cyclones develop where we're located and mve away. Typically as we all know the fishing after a storm is always great.
Our season was opened by Javed Ansari and angler from India and a regular client. Keen to be out on the water and kitted out with a bag full of new stick-baits and poppers, expectations were high for this trip. The results came quick and fast with the biggest GT pushing the 40 kilo mark caught on Pe 6. Numerous GT in the 30 kilo to 20 kilo range were also caught and released. The doggies were up on the surface and we had many follows but they tend to be quite discerning. To top it off we also landed a black marlin while jigging a sea mount we discovered last season. We had on of the biggest rusty jobfish we've seen in a long while along with many ruby snapper.
We also noticed a number of single anglers who informed us of their interest to fish with us but their inability to find partners or friends to join in with them. We welcome single anglers and will be putting together a couple of weeks where we can try and help form a group of keen fishermen to come out and fish with us. All one has to do is inform us and we'll ..."
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